Saturday, November 6, 2010

Running For Bootys Everywhere!

The hubs always pulling my weight. Take Steps walk, June 2010.

The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America has numerous fundraising events throughout the year. You might recall the Take Steps walk we participated in during the summer. They are a great way to mobilize the community to raise money for research, education and programs to help patients fighting these yucky diseases.

Well the hubs will be participating in another one of these events on December 5th and it's a doozy. He'll be running the Rock and Roll half marathon (yes 13.1 miles) down the Las Vegas strip, raising awareness and money for CCFA as part of Team Challenge.

Can you believe that!!???? Is that cool or what?

He's been training since early September, working through a knee problem (a patella disfunction, yes just like our dog Charlie,) getting up early on Sundays to run with the team and not giving up on his training even when he's worked long days and is exhausted.

It's been so neat to watch him get so excited about this.

Both he, and my dear friend J (who is participating too) have also been working hard to raise funds for this great cause. So far between the two of them, they have raised more than $8000!

I'm so proud of both of them. Not only are they doing this to raise money to support me and IBD patients everywhere, but both have had on their list of life things to do to run a half marathon and what better place to do it that in Vegas. This will be a major physical accomplishment and really I'm in awe. I wouldn't want to walk/jog/run 13.1 miles even if I was feeling good.

For me, I love that this is something the hubs can feel empowered by and I love the support through positive messages and donations he's received so far (thank you to all of you.) It's been so amazing to see him get the spotlight and focus for once. My heart swells when I think about him and all he's gone through as the mostly silent other half of the ridiculousness of the last four years and how amazing he is.

Now is the chance to support him as he continues to support me! As he keeps runnin and runnin and runnin just like Forest, you can help him keep that fundraising number moving forward too. (He's so cute when he gets a new donation. Always a big smile and an element of surprise that people actually donated!)

Click HERE (or on the picture in my sidebar) to find out more information on how to donate. If you can't donate, no problem, please leave him a comment of support here. Words are just as powerful. He is raising money for CCFA, but he is also doing this for all those caregivers who support us patients.

He's working his booty off to save ours. I love you babe, thank you!

Go Team Challenge! Viva Las Vegas...

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