Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh ThankBlog!

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My favorite month is here, November, hip hip! The month that should remind us to be thankful everyday, all year long. With that said, each week this month I'm going to do a post with seven things I'm thankful for (I thought a post a day was a little bit of an overkill!)

So here you go, oh ThankBlog Week 1:
  1. The GIANTS winning the world series!!!! My brother has literally waited his whole life for this moment, a die hard fan, the kid had a life size cut-out of Will-the-thrill-Clark in his room when he was younger. My dad is beaming up in heaven. Hummmmm Baby!
  2. Having a girls trip with my mom last week. Although it was for some serious reasons, we still had fun just being together.
  3. My awesome PCP! Dr. A is amazing. He listens, he's informed and he takes action. Plus he is funny and sarcastic.
  4. Good books. I'm reading the G.irl with the D.ragon T.attoo series. Love it!
  5. Sharing a mini ice cream cup with the hubs at night.
  6. Pictures. It's so fun to look at them and remember the good and the bad;)
  7. Campaign ads are OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Thankful Thursday.

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The Definition of Mom said...

I love those books too! Can't wait to read the last one. I've been reading but not commenting as the 2 babes have kept me busy, just wanted to write how happy I am about your trip to Cleveland and I'm really hopeful that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.