Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thirty Fun

(August 2010)

Yesterday was my 31st birthday! I've been saying for months that I was going to be Thirty Fun this year. Here's my bday post from last year, the big 3-0. Maybe things didn't turn out exactly as planned, but I'm still holding to those wishes and thoughts. I always have hope for a better year, I'm no longer Thirty and Flirty, Thirty Fun here I come!

For my Thirty Fun year, it is my goal to believe and live by this simple, yet profound statement:

"There is a difference between Acceptance and Resignation. I have accepted that this is my situation, but I'm not resigned to the fact that is has to be this way always."**

-- Michael J. Fox

I have to admit my Thirty Fun day wasn't all that, as I got the awful gift of the stomach flu, hence being a day late on this post. Nothing says Happy Birthday like barf and diarrhea;) So we'll just pretend that Thirty Fun starts today as I'm on the upswing of the nasty virus. Acceptance right?!

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday love yesterday, you really did make my day when I was otherwise feeling quite crummy.

**Thanks to the Rikster for sending me this quote. He watched Mr. Fox on David Letterman a few weeks ago and caught this statement. I love it and it's so inspiring.**


Jax0327 said...

Happy belated birthday! I am sorry to hear you were feeling so crappy on your special day. I hope it has passed by now.
By the way if 30 is flirty what is 40?

Al said...

Well 40 is Fabulous and 50 is Fun!

I'm going to see Iben today at 1...