Friday, June 13, 2014


As usual, some of my loyal and loving peeps, have over the last few weeks gently reminded me about this little space and how it's been a year since I updated. My mom then flat out told me it was time to start writing again, that others find it beneficial and that it's always been good for me mentally. 

When mama tells me to do something, which isn't often, I listen. So here I am:) 

And I also happen to be at the good old infusion center and I will be coming here once a month, which gives me scheduled time to post. No other excuses. 

I really do have things to say, no shock there. Parenting with a chronic illness, living in a world where people judge what they can't see and the implications for those with invisible illness, tales from my medical trists, and updates on the hubs and our little HeRo of course. 

Still working through where to start. And currently I can only use one finger to type since my IV lkeeps pinching. So I'll just post a few pics and be on my way. I've missed this space, but the farther I got from it the easier it was to say it didn't matter anymore. But I know that's just not true. My soul needs it and maybe you do too. 

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Rocio said...

Missed your posts & glad you're finally back! While you have your adorable HeRo, remember you are a hero/warrior/amazing soul for many of us! XO