Friday, July 11, 2014

Best Laid Plans

I'm back. Are you surprised? 

This week has been busy with appointments and general toddler-hood. 

Here's how it went down:

. Monday. We went to meet Batman with our friends at a locale summer kids event. HeRo was so brave. When it was time for our picture, he kind of sized up Batman, shrugged and then gave him a high five and posed for the pic. 

. Tuesday. I had an abdominal MRI. I was supposed to be there for 3 hours but ended up over 4. First they forgot to bring me my barium yummy ness, until after an hour I went and asked for it. 3 bottles and 45 minutes of choking it down they took me back to the tube. After 20 minutes they pulled me out to go walk for 15 minutes, the barium was stuck in my belly. 20 minutes later I was hooked back up and strapped back down and sent back in. 20 minutes after that I was being pulled back out,again!  My bowels were moving so much, I could feel them bouncing like a crazy alien baby was in there. The radiologist had to be called in to give me a shot to relax my bowels so a clear picture could be taken. It worked, yay. Back in for 30 more minutes to get the images. And I could finally leave. I missed another appt but the technician was kind enough to call and cancel for me. The afternoon I had planned went out the window and I went home to deal with nausea and pain the rest of the afternoon. Thank goodness for our awesome nanny!

. Wednesday. A good day. H has swimming lessons, which after6 months he still cries in anger through because I don't get in with him. We had an impromptu lunch date with our friends. The "I'm almost 2, crazyness sets in and we leave lunch in a hurry. Mommy and HeRo both are ready for nap. 

. Thursday. I have appointments and errands to do from Tuesday. H is with our nanny/his BFF. No nap for mommy today. Too busy. But too many spoons out. Glad the little buddy was happy to play outside before dinner and inside playing around me until daddy got home. 

. Friday. I'm hanging at the infusion center. When I got here they said they had me down for next Friday. I was not happy. I could tell the scheduler was preoccupied when I called last week. I should have double checked. Thankfully someone else cancelled and they fit me in. I didn't have to wait too long either. So although the plan was amiss all turned out. 

Theme of the week, and many weeks, days: being a mommy and a spoonie means that the best laid plans often get ruffled. We just have to go with the flow as best we can. 

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