Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time to Dust This Thing Off

Well holy cow, it's been exactly six months since I've updated this little ol' space of mine. I've missed it, I really have and I am continually humbled and thankful for the people who gently remind me that they'd love to see some updates here. It makes me feel so loved that people still check in here after all this time. So thank to whoever is out there.

The last six months have been a whirlwind. Our little HeRo, is now 8 months old and seriously getting cuter by the day. His personality and cuddles and just overall being, make our days go round.

He's on the verge of crawling and our lives are about to change again, with a mobile infant. Oh boy:) I will say that we have been very blessed with a mild mannered little one and that combined with the pretty great schedule we've got going make things go pretty smoothly.

Now if only I could say that my body was cooperating with me. But alas it's not. I'm actually typing this from the good old Infusion Center as I wait for my iron infusion. I've been on a bit of a downward the last three weeks or so and went in last week to see my GI. Turns out, Crohn's is flaring, Ferratin levels are extremely low (hence the iron infusion), and we found out just yesterday that I have the dreaded C-diff infection again. Not fun, not good on the pshyce, but as ever just taking one day at a time. Doing the best I can and snuggling my boys, because they are what keep me going.

There is so much more to say, so many thoughts swirling in my head that have been there for months now. How do I keep up here on my blog that is such a place of therapy for me, when really on most nights after our HeRo is in bed, I just want to have dinner and hang with the hubs.

How do I work through my guilt of being a "sick" mamma to the sweetest boy on the planet?

How do I convey how truly happy I am, and still talk about my disfunctional body and not make my life sound bad or that I'm ungrateful?

Because here's the thing, even though living in this body is hard on a good day and downright ridiculous in times like I'm having now, I have a wonderful, blessed and happy life. The hubs and I thank our lucky stars everyday for our HeRo. And HeRo or not, my body would be doing what it's doing. And let me tell you, he makes the best distraction when I'm down and hurting and all those years of not having him, make me certain we were all meant to be together.

I won't overpromise on posts, but I will say that getting back in the swing of things. Clearing of the dust and writing is a big goal of mine. It's good for me and if it helps just one other person well then that's a cherry on the top. So we'll see how it goes. I have two more infusions this month, so that gives me good writing time.

Consider the blog Spring Cleaned!

And now what you really want, pics of the cutest boy in the world;)


Nadine said...

He's so cute! Sorry to hear your Chrons is working up again- I hope you get a hold of it soon.

Rocio said...

Thrilled to see an update ;-) Of course, the circumstances under which they're being written...not so much. I do appreciate your honesty and perspective with raising your little HeRo while dealing with your own body. But you know you have so many around you that love & support you & are there for whatever you need! Hugs!

The Mama with No Colon. said...

Excited to see you post
On here, but not happy to hear Crohn's doesn't want to be in on the happiness of your life.
I hope I get the chance to meet you and that cute little boy of yours at the Orange County walk.


Vagabond said...

Congratulations on your little HeRo! He is definitely a heartbreaker.

I'm curious, regarding your digestive tract health - have you looked into probiotics and enzymes?

I'm sure you know that our immune system is based in the gut. If our GI is off kilter, we are more prone to disease, sickness, infection, etc, because our body isn't strong enough to fight it off. I've been an advocate for natural wellness for a while now and as such I haven't wanted to take pharmaceuticals or antibiotics because I simply don't trust the dug companies. They're in the money-making business, not the healing-people business. It makes me sick.

Anyway, I have done a lot of research, and have prescribed myself probiotics and digestive enzymes. It's doing wonders for me...

Regular (pleasant) bowel movements. No abdominal pain or headaches or back pain. I've been sleeping better. Even my allergies have disappeared.

I encourage you to check out It's a great site, and the customer care is unparalleled. They answer all my questions and help provide the best possible prices for these products. They can even help you decide which products are good for your specific condition...

Anyway, that's my two cents. I truly hope you find some relief!!