Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

"I did not give you the gift of life, life gave me the gift of you."

Words really can't express how blessed, loved and thankful I felt celebrating Mothers Day for the first time as a mother to the boy who was meant to be our son. I love him and can't believe I get to spend my days with him. 

I think a combination of having fought so hard to have my dream of motherhood come true and the beautiful, yet emotional journey of adoption, make me especially thankful for Mother's Day, not as a reason to celebrate me but to celebrate dreams coming true and reflecting on the journey to get to our HeRo. 

And as I do everyday, I felt so loved. The hubs made my day so special. All I wanted to do was spend a low key day with my boys, after all HeRo is the reason I can celebrate this day in a different way now. And although our day was quiet, the hubs found so many ways to make it beautiful. He made, with special touches by our HeRo, the painting above and I was so overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness (and the neatness of his handwriting:)!) i will cherish it forever! I love that man so very much and am so thankful our son gets him as a daddy, he will learn how to be a great man from him. 

I was also showered with love by so many people who remembered it was my first Mother's Day. The goodness of people amazes me and reminds me to be better everyday. 

We also celebrated Mother's Day with HeRo's birth family this weekend. They are amazing people and his birth mother deserves to be recognized. Because without her selfless sacrifice for her son, I would not be his mommy. I will never take that for granted. 

"I will never forget that I became a mother through the heartbreak of another."

Open adoption can be hard, but I believe for us, it's the best we can do for our son. And after our dinner, it just felt right and peaceful that we had celebrated two mothers joined together by one very sweet and special boy on this second weekend in May. 

It was the best Mothers Day weekend I could have hoped for. It was more than I dreamed it could be as I wrote my Mother's Day posts in years past. 

I'm so lucky. I really am. 

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Rocio said...

So happy for you! xoxo