Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Musings

Here's just a smattering of randomness from my head to your eyes...

What I'm listening to you: I'm obsessed with the new Jason Mraz song, I Won't Give Up. Check out this cool little lyric video I found on YouTube, here. The words and the arrangement, they makes me smile ear to ear and cry and feel at peace EVERY SINGLE time I hear it. And OMG as I'm typing this and watching Ellen, she just said Jason Mraz will be on after the break, yeah! It's my lucky day. And he just said, "Music is the weapon in the war against unhappiness." Thank you sir, you are right!

What I've been watching: I'm not one to be overly enamored with celebrities, they are just people. I have some favorites, but not too much crazy fangirl behavior. I've watched Giuliana and Bill on Style Network since it began. It started as just a guilty pleasure, sometimes a little annoying, but then they were brave enough to share their journey with infertility and now their journey through her diagnosis of breast cancer. And wouldn't you know, I'm now obsessed with them, how they've handled all that's been thrown at them, what a great relationship they seem to have and how there is something comforting in not feeling alone in such struggles. And then I watched Giuliana Rancic's E! True Hollywood Story and I was even more impressed. I will admit before all of this, and just seeing her as a host on E!, I thought she was a bit too much sometimes. But wow has that changed. She's a class act and so is her hubby! Official big fan right here.

What I did today: Oh you know just the usual, call the doctor, schedule an appt for this afternoon, go to another appt, head to T.arget, go to the next appt and drop off a urine sample. As my hubs and I said at the exact same time, after recapping, "Just another day in the life of Al!" It's not a day until we deal/talk about bodily functions around here.

I'm on four more days of antibiotics to officially clear up this very stubborn UTI so I can start Humira again. Ah.

What I'm doing this week: Meeting two new people who battle their bodies and autoimmune diseases everyday too. Sometimes, I just want to shut it off and not talk about this stuff everyday and be a hermit. But what almost always wins out is my desire to share my story to hopefully help others share theirs and let each person know that they are not alone. It's my calling, my purpose in having to deal with all that I do.

What Spring color I'm loving: Mint! Oh how I wish I could wear it in clothing form, but alas it's NOT my color. So I opted for Mint toe nail polish to get the fix, LOVE!

What I'm looking forward to: My mom visiting in a few weeks, yippee. It's been six months since she has been here!

What I can't believe: That our cute little god daughter will be 3 tomorrow! What?! She's growing up so fast. Happy Bday little miss K, we love you.

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