Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Off Schedule

I love schedules and calendars. They make me happy and in my out of control health world, they bring some comfort. Well today was supposed to be a Humira day. Keyword, SUPPOSED. But thanks to my awesome little body, that's not happening. I've timed it perfectly to have a "Very Big" bladder infection, according to my doctor, hit yesterday. So fun.

What does that mean, well it means I have seven days of antibiotics to take and then after I've completed the course I can resume Humira. As you'll remember, ANY infection means no injection.

Bladder infections are on my list of infections I'm prone to. But thanks to very diligent urinary tract health practices, I hadn't had one in well over a year. So that begs the question, with the Humira in my system for a month is this the first of a line of infections to come?

I hope not, but of course I can't help but wonder, neither could my GI or GYN today (I got to see both of them today, lovely ladies really.)

So now we wait. I take the antibiotics and hopefully get some relief ASAP from this latest little set back. And get back on Humira track next week. And hopefully back on schedule. My GI agrees with my Rheumy, it may be as early as 8 weeks but as long as 6 months before I see an improvement with the Humira.

But here's the upshot, I listened to my body and knew I needed to get the bladder infection under control before I could even think of Humira, thus not putting myself in a worse situation. Pat on the back Al! Thankfully I already had both of my appts scheduled for today -- two thumbs up for that at least working with my schedule. You have to look at the bright side right?

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Mom said...

4 thumbs up to you sweetie!!!!!