Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Game (Back) On

Last night we resumed the Humira game. Here's to hoping that in two-three months (or sooner) I'll start feeling the benefits both in my GI tract and my joints. And lets all say a little prayer or two that I don't encounter any more infections that will derail me again.

And a small confession here, injecting myself with Humira makes me swear. Now if you know me, you know that cussing is not my thing. My dad and brother used to try to bribe me to say bad words. I know my family is odd;) It's not the actual needle going in that hurts, it's the dang medicine that burns SO bad that the words just come out and I have to say, they help me express the nasty feeling. *&%^! At least it's just one shot every two weeks now.

Today I have the post Humira 24-hour icks. But I'm thankful I can plan and know they are coming and just let my body have the time it needs. Thank goodness for comfy clothes and a bit of overcast weather today.

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Rocio said...

Glad you're back on! Now here's to you feeling better soon!