Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Musings from a Crowning

Today I received a crown. No not the bejeweled fabulous headpiece, with a fancy title type. It's more of the dental work type. You see two and half years ago I had to have an emergency root canal, but I never went in after to get the permanent crown on it - procrastinated until I couldn't anymore because my tooth started cracking.

But anyway, as I was in the dental chair, I had a bunch of random thoughts:
  • Dental work has come a long way, no more big fat needles coming at your face for the novocaine, it's so nice.
  • The view the dentist and his assistants have of a person as they are laid back can not be a flattering one. Upside down, mouth wide open, looking up the nostrils, face and chin(s) squished back.
  • I hope my eye makeup is on nice and even and that I don't have boogers.
  • I really hope no spit or otherwise flies out of my mouth and into my eyes, I better keep them closed.
  • It's nice to have dental work done during the holidays, at least at our office. They were playing Xmas music and the dentist was humming along.
  • I'm happy our dentist doesn't try to ask me mundane questions while my mouth is wide open and I don't have to answer awkwardly and from the back of my throat.
  • I learned I have a small mouth and short teeth, random.
  • The saying, "do you have a hole in your lip?" really rings true when I'm trying to rinse my mouth out with half a numb face. I kept inadvertently spitting it all over the counter.
  • Feeling my face numb up to my eye socket is weird.
What can I say, I had an hour and a half to lay there with my mouth wide open. I'm a strange girl and now you have another glimpse into my brain. Your welcome or sorry, whichever suits you.

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