Friday, September 16, 2011


Aloha, oh wait you don't speak Hawaiian, sorry I'm still in the mode from our lovely island vacation we just got back from. No big thang.

First, let me say that I believe the Hawaiian islands are just about the most relaxing, wonderful places. You just can't NOT be happy in Hawaii. We honeymooned in Maui six years ago and we were lucky enough to head back, this time to the Big Island, last week.

We spent the first part of the week, just the two of us at an awesome resort, soaking up the sun, decompressing, and embracing the calmness that is the Hawaiian spirit. Heaven I tell you.

The second part of the week, we met up with the Hubs family for the reason we even decided on this amazing trip, his older bro's wedding. We stayed on a plantation that had tons of fruit trees, coffee and cocoa plants. Very cool. Got to catch up with some family we rarely get to see and got to do it pool and beach side, can't beat that. And the main event, the wedding, was so nice and everyone was absolutely beautiful. So glad we could celebrate such a special time with the happy couple.

What you want to see some pictures, well ok if you insist...

Hawaiian graffiti made with coral on the black lava rock.

High Five!

And the picture doesn't even do it justice, every night was A-MAZE-ING.

Oh don't worry, this was the view from our room at the resort. The dolphin lagoon (with 8 dolphins, including an 18 day old baby) in the foreground and yes that's the ocean just beyond. Life is rough.

We splurged and got the convertible and I'm so glad we did. It allowed us to enjoy the scenery and sun that much more. (He immediately changed into more island appropriate attire as soon as he could.)

We love self photos. My cutey and the sunset, total perfection.

Remember that Dolphin Lagoon I mentioned we viewed from our room, well they had a dolphin encounter program and the Hubs did it and LOVED it. I loved watching him and the dolphins from out of the water;) Truly beautiful animals.

My new sister-in-law, the lovely bride, and her Maid of Honor, who just happens to be my future sister-in-law:) She'll be marrying the Hubs younger brother next summer, yeah -- we are so excited!

The family, minus the girls seen above. Me, Hubs, MIL, the Groom/Older Bro, FIL, Younger Bro.

Weddings are a perfect time to reminisce on our own special day. I love him A LOT.

It was a great trip. Can't believe it's come and gone already. It's always good to be home, but I'm already dreaming of the next time we can head back to the islands.

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