Sunday, September 4, 2011

Go Run-Ears!

This morning we woke up bright and early (3:30 a.m., yikes!) to go support these two in their second 1/2 marathon. This was the Disney run, through Disneyland, Angels Stadium, Downtown Disney and the surrounding area. It was a great morning and I'm so proud of them for taking on this challenge...Again.

Go Run-Ears! Both did great with their times and look cute to boot. Check out that bling they got for completing the race.

The cutie K, most adorable member of the ChEar squad. We got to see lots of Disney costumes along the route and in true Disney fashion everything was very organized, friendly and clean;)

And as if two 1/2 marathons wasn't enough, both the hubs and J have signed on to do the CCFA Team Challenge one again in Vegas this December. Which means that they will complete 3 1/2 marathons in a year -- WOW.

Don't worry, I'll share info on that and how you can support the CCFA fundraising efforts soon;)

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