Sunday, September 18, 2011


Nice picture right, lovely view. Oh wait you are confused on what I'm looking at?! I mean of the water, not that nasty, GIANT bruise on my right leg.

That my friends is the result of my first at-home B12 shot. Remember when I was telling you that I did so awesome at the doctor's office and I was so proud of myself. Well that will teach me to be so cocky.

The night before we left for Hawaii I was due for my shot, perfect timing. I got it all set up and was feeling confident. I stuck the needle in and immediately I knew things were not right. I bruised before the needle even came out, and then when I did pull the needle out we had blood suprtage. YIKES!

I was home alone, so I tried not to freak out and immediately texted my k-pouch mama, who also gives herself B12 shots. She assured me I was fine, no big deal. And thank goodness because what I was most concerned about is that I was going to ruin our trip.

But aside from the U-G-L-Y mark it left, all was well. And next month, I'll be over at my k-pouch mama's house when I give myself the shot. Still a student here.

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