Saturday, February 5, 2011

Over the Rainbow

(November 2003)

Here we are and another year has passed. Today would have been my dad's 57th birthday! You can read what I wrote on his last two special days here, 55 and here, 56.

As always, I want to celebrate today and remember that he lived a great life and I'm thankful for the 27 years I had with him here.

But instead of going on and on, as I like to do (one of my dad's favorite past times to,) I'm just going to hope you click over to this and enjoy:

My dad LOVED this song and he also loved Hawaiian music. After we heard The IZ's version on the TV show "ER" on the episode where Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) peacefully passed away, it became somewhat of a family anthem.

A song of hope and peace, that would always soothe us. The hubs and I played it as the last dance at our wedding and we of course played it at my dad's service.

Every time I hear it, I tear up because I miss him SO much, but it also makes me smile, thinking that at that exact moment he's letting me know he's right here with me.

Dad, Happy Birthday. I know someday we'll meet again, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I love you!


Dean said...

I just read your two posts about your dad, he seemed like a really special man.

I love that song too,and it always makes me cry, not even sure why.

landonsmama said...

Thinking of you AL! I know it's never easy. My mom's bday is coming up on the 13th and I so wish she was here to celebrate. xoxo