Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As it has many times over these last years, today I realized again that some of my errands, that seem routine to me, are in fact NOT routine to most my age. And with this realization I laughed again, because one of today's errands is just funny.

I had a yogurt date planned with a sweet friend. So I planned two other errands around the same area to minimize my effort and energy but maximize my to-do list. See, Type-A still lives on in my adjusted "normal."

Here were today's To-dos:
  • Drop stool samples off at the lab
  • Meet S and baby T for yogurt
  • Pick up dress for a wedding this weekend at the alterations place
Hmm, now which of these is not like the others? I had been putting off the poop samples, not because I was scared or didn't know what to expect, but because we have had a lot going on. But as I set to "collecting" this morning and then packed them up in their little bag and put them on my car seat, I realized that I went into auto-pilot mode on this task. That's the sign of a tried and true IBDer, right?

And I honestly got a really good laugh, not a sarcastic one. Which made me smile.

Then I scored a good stroke of luck at the lab. When I got there at 1:15 p.m., I saw it was still closed for lunch and I didn't know what to do, see second errand above, these clearly had to be dropped off because they couldn't sit in my car!

But there was a lady in there, who did an awesome job of not looking at me when I tried to open the door and then stood there for a minute. So I went bold and knocked, she couldn't ignore me now. She begrudgingly came to the door when I said I just had a drop off. Skeptically she asked if they were all labeled, including paper work and to her surprise I said "Yes!" So she took them even though she was on lunch. Hallelujah!

Ahh it's the little things in this life!

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