Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still Hanging Around

If you are wondering about my dear enemy, nausea, he's still hanging on tight and actually piping up a little more these last few days.

Nobody, not the GI, not the surgeon, not the ENT, not the Rheumy, not Awesome PCP, can figure out why. It's not a good feeling. Maybe something will lead to the answer. I know there are ways to try and mask this feeling, but honestly I'd like to figure out what's causing it and go from there. Is that possible, who knows?


Jax0327 said...

Hello there, I also am having a major sinus infection going on. 2 ct scans later and a head and neck surgeon later i am trying different meds. the dr did say a lot of uc patients have sinus problems. Great huh? did you know that? Hopefully the new meds will work and i can avoid the surgery. are you still seeing ebin?

Al said...

Hi Jackie. Yes I've been hearing more and more about us UCers having sinus issues. Lovely. This latest sinus infection of mine is pushing me to have the surgery sooner rather than later as my ENT said this will only get worse.

Haven't seen Iben in a month or so, need to get back t her. Are you still going?