Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hall Pass and Ear Muffs and Bones

I want a hall pass! For what you ask? I want to be excused from colds and flus.

I know it sucks for anyone to be sick, especially with this nasty virus that seems to be swarming. You know the one that's causing people to be sick for 3-4 weeks with the full blown flu -- aches, sore throat, cough, stomach issues, fever, head pressure, etc. I know you know at least five people, probably including yourself who have had this in the last month. And boo on that, because feeling like you've been thrown to the ground and repeatedly punched is never a good thing.

What you ask makes me so special that I should get a hall pass from all that, I mean if others have to go through then I better suck it up, right? Well nothing makes me special, but I think all us chronic sickies just shouldn't have to deal with that too. I mean come on, really, we need to add to our daily ickies the blues of the flu!

Ok, I admit it sounds like I'm stamping my foot and screaming, "This isn't fair!" Because yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. Maybe that's because I have the freakin' flu/cold that I believe is transferring into a sinus infection. Blah. And I just don't want to deal with it. So I say, "Where is my Hall Pass?!"

I know that's ridiculously impossible, especially since this little immune system likes to grab a new virus about every two months. But I want some cheese with my whine! And to top it off, hubs has the same thing. Double Boo.

Anyway, on to some other random things. I had my MRI of my right hip and shoulder yesterday. Didn't get any results of course, those will come at my appt on Feb 15. But it was a pleasant experience. I, thankfully, am not claustrophobic so being pushed into a tiny tube doesn't bother me. And this time, instead of the standard ear plugs, which aren't very comfortable, they gave me ear muffs (like the ones that you see the guys on the airport runway wearing.) They were so much more comfortable. I was in the tube for a little over an hour with one 5 minute break. And I'm happy to say I fell asleep! Is that weird?

One last thing. Right before the holidays I got the written results of the bone density scan I had in November. The first scan I had was in October 2007, that noted I had osteopenia, most likely due to heavy prednisone use. It was time for another look, especially with all the joint pain I've been having. And although I haven't quite jumped into the osteoporosis category yet, the density of my bones has decreased since 2007, enough so to increase my risk of fracture.

So although I'm not quite ready to join Sally Field with her once monthly pill to help her build stronger bones and combat her osteoporosis, you better not push me, otherwise I'll be yelling, "Help I've fallen and I can't get up."

Enough randomness for one day, off to hack up my lung.

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