Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An IBD Rebel

Yes that's me. For the first time EVER (and I mean in 12 years of living out of my parent's house,) I ran the reserve toilet paper rolls in The Chronicles of Crap household down to ONE!

Yes you read that right and don't think I didn't have heart palpitations over it. But with the holidays and other craziness (I was out of town for close to two weeks) it just got over looked. YIKES!

I usually have no less than 6 rolls, but typically more. I mean when you go through about 1 a day, you don't mess around, otherwise there would be a much more serious mess to clean up if you know what I mean;)

Of course my rebellion was short lived, because I was seriously concerned about this once I realized the situation and the hubs and I headed straight to T.arget! What can I say, I'm not a risk taker.

I will admit, living on the edge is kind of exhilarating, even when it's unintentional, but only for a little bit.

Have you been rebellious lately?

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