Wednesday, December 15, 2010


While The Hubs and J were busy running their booties off, C, K and I were busy being the best Pro Spectators there could be. We worked that race route;)

K was not so happy to be getting her picture taken at 5:45 a.m. but it's still a good group shot. We were all up and at em' to support these two before they took off!

The three of us left Mandalay Bay and took a cab over to the three mile mark, The Wynn. While we waited to see our runners go by we were approached/accosted by a street pirate. Yes, C is wearing his hat and K has his dirty parrot on her shoulder. The pirate also posed us for this pic. So while I was scared to death of the dang bird (I am beside myself with fear around birds), C was scared to death that the pirate was going to run off with his nice camera and poor K just froze like this until that dang bird was gone. Ahh the things we do waiting for the ones we love!

Ok this is out of order, but look at the cute N family supporting mama after she crossed the finish line!

K and me waiving our signs along the strip.

K helps mama stretch "it" out! Such a good coach;)
Me and my babe after the race. I seriously was/am so in awe of him. I just wanted to shout, "That's my guy he just ran 13.1 miles!"

I still can't truly express how proud I am of her for completing this. I know it was hard, but she crossed that line looking good and at ease and with the biggest smile. It was the best scene and one that's etched in my mind forever. You go girl!

C, K and I made an awesome Team Challenge cheering section. We moved around the route with ease. We worked together to make seamless transitions and had a lot of fun along the way. Maybe next year we'll get medals for being professional observers;)

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Mrs.Newton said...

You guys are the best ProSpectators in the business! :)The Hubs and I couldn't have done it without you guys cheering us on!
Can't wait for next year!