Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Great Man

(Dr. Dana Launer. He often wore buttons of his kids on his lab coat!)

In life there are people who impact your life, whether you know them well or not, who without them your story would not be the same. As my dedicated readers know, Super Surgeon Dude is one of those people in my life. The man who gave me back so much freedom by giving me my K-pouch.

You can read about our first meeting here. From the very first meeting I knew he was a special man, not just in surgical skill (he was one of the best) but in bedside manner too. But most importantly our personalities just clicked. He was funny, quick witted, sarcastic but so kind and compassionate and passionate. I always felt comfortable with him, even through the whole infection/abscess ordeal. I've never once regretted my decision to trek on down to SD to have him give me back my freedom.

Unfortunately throughout his life, Super Surgeon Dude battled his own serious health issues. Most recently stage 4 stomach cancer, even having his stomach removed and a new "stomach" created from part of his small intestine (ironic isn't it) at the end of October.

Knowing of his constant struggles makes me realize why he always seemed to truly "get" what his patient's were going through, mentally and physically. It's because he had lived it to.

Sadly, Super Surgeon Dude lost his battle last week with cancer at the very young age of 62. The world has not only lost an amazing surgeon, dedicated to giving his patients the best quality of life and investing himself in our well being, but from the very little I knew him a wonderful man.

I'm so saddened by his passing. The hubs and I know he was the first person in a long string of disappointments that believed me and believed he could help me in the best way for me. And he was right.

To Dr. L's family and friends, our thoughts are with you as you deal with the loss of this great soul. And to Dr. L, now our k-pouch angel as my k-pouch mama, J has dubbed him, thank you for making each of us feel like you cared for us as you would your own family. I owe you so much!

If you'd like to read Super Surgeon Dude's obituary, click here. Want to see his funny side, click here (yes he's the singer!)

Another amazing man, taken way to soon.

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