Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts During a Sleepless Night

I have a fickle relationship with sleep. You see I love it and I absolutely need it, I mean we all need it but this body functions even worse than it usually does without it. But just because the body needs lots of it, it doesn't always get it. Sleeping well through the night is not consistent at all for me -- sometimes it's because I'm in too much pain, sometimes it's too many hot flashes (yes I have those at 30, are you really surprised?), sometimes it's because my mind just WILL NOT shut off and sometimes it's all of the above. Oh joy!

So the other night was one of the "all of the above" nights and I was laughing at myself, through the frustration of not sleeping, at how random my brain is. I thought I'd share a little list of the craziness that is Al. Here you go.:

* Wow I can't believe we are flying across the country to go to the doctor. Insane, how is that even possible, how did it get this far? Who am I, seriously?

* They better be able to figure it out, we are flying across the country for goodness sake. Wait it's going to be late October in Cleveland when we are there, that means it's going to be chilly. I'll need to pack warm stuff. Hmm, what coat should I bring. Shoot my bags are going to be heavy, dang the airlines and their baggage restrictions.

* Wait, my mom and I are CA girls. We are not used to blustery weather.

* Speaking of CA girls, I love that song by K.aty P.erry. I even love it after watching a disturbing parody of the song that my bro-in-law and his girlfriend showed me. I start singing in my head, "California girls are undeniable, fine, fresh, fierce, we got it going on..."

* Wait, back to fall. I love fall it's my favorite season. A cool breeze, warm, cozy clothes.

* I should get out our fall decorations this weekend and get my festive on.

* Hmm, fall means Halloween, not my favorite holiday but still fun. Better get our Charlie girl a cute Halloween collar (we aren't dog costume people, but see above about being festive.) I'll have to get the cute purple one with bats I saw at O.ld N.avy.

* O.ld N.avy, maybe they have some cute sweaters for my trip to Cleveland.

* Oh October, lots of bdays, better start planning some gifts. Need to add cards to my T.arget list.

* Oh T.arget, how I love you. Better make my weekly visit soon since we didn't make it this weekend.

* The weekend was nice, the baby shower here turned out so nice and cute. Glad M had a good time and looked so cute. Can't believe baby M will be here in a few weeks.

* I wonder when we might get a call about a baby for us. I know it's not good timing, but doesn't mean it's not on my mind. ** I continued to have a conversation talking myself in and out of being ok with saying I still think about this all the time (another post for another time.)**

* I sure love all the little munchkins we do get to have in our lives, I can't believe they are all growing up so fast -- Super G is six months old; J and A just started pre-school; K is talking and moving and getting to be such a little girl; M and V are going to one in just a few months!!!!!

* Al you need to sleep and stop thinking about all this random crap. Ok, count, think of a peaceful place, practice your biofeedback -- one, two, three -- wait did I print that paper out I need for my CCFA meeting tomorrow?

Ok, is your head spinning and are you ready to commit me. That's just a very small glimpse of my insanity:)

Hopefully your nights are much more restful.

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Nick & Kristin said...

Al, I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to talk about anyone in particular, but since reviewing my post I realized it did sound like a couple of people to much to keep the post up. You were right,it was unfair of me, I just felt like I had to get something off my chest. That usually ends up it did :)
thanks for sharing your opinion. It helped me to see that I was wrong
have a great day!