Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CC Travel Plans -- CHECK

* Flights for me and my mama to and from Cleveland -- CHECK

* Hotel reservations at the hotel attached to the Clinic -- CHECK

* Research on change policies and fees for the airlines in the event we end up making and extended stay -- CHECK

* Tentative family plan to fly the Hubby Man to CC if a procedure is scheduled -- DOUBLE CHECK

All that's left to do is a little ground transportation research from airport to hotel (really it's just booking a Town Car or Shuttle) and all the official plans will be made.

I'm so very lucky that my mom is willing to drop her life once again and be with me. She's the best and never ever makes me feel like she's being put out. She's willing to do whatever it takes to get me well. She says simply, "You are my daughter. I love you." A true unconditional mother's love.

I'm sad that the hubs won't be there for the consultation appointments (and so is he), but after talking about it and being practical and leaving emotion out of it, we decided it's best to wait to come if a procedure/surgery or extended stay is required. It's tough making these decisions the right way instead of just doing what we want. These are not the kinds of things people should have to discuss, but alas such is life.

It's really, real. We are going across the country to the "best" and there's no turning back, just moving forward and it feels so right.

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