Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Mark

You know those moments in your life that you remember as clear as day no matter how much time has passed? September 20, 1998 will always be one of those days. It's the day the world lost a soul way before his time. A day his family's hearts broke. The day my hubby lost his best friend. The day we suffered our first big, close tragic and unexplainable loss.

Little Mark, as anyone in the family or close to called him -- because his dad is Big Mark of course -- was one of those sweet, shy guys but to those that knew him he was vibrant and just a bit mischevious.

The hubs and I knew Little Mark since second grade, and those two boys were friends instantly and from that day on were pretty much inseperable -- more like brothers than just mear friends. I love hearing the hubs tell stories about the ruckus they caused as young, care free boys. It makes me smile.

Unfortunately at the very young age of 19, Little Mark left this world for another. We were just babies then and it's hard to believe that 12 years has passed. Each year we try to take moments to remember the happy times and I make sure to squeeze my hubby just a little bit tighter when the sadness stabs the heart.

Although he wasn't there physically, Little Mark was the honorary Best Man at our wedding.

To Little Mark's family, we are thinking of you today and just know that we don't forget and that he did touch our lives so deeply.

We just found out that another friend's dad passed away just this morning after a long, hard fight. Another angel for heaven, but another family with broken hearts. Sometimes things just seem so unfair.

If you can, please send a few loving and peaceful thoughts into the air for these families today. And remember that life is short, you never know what tomorrow will bring so tell the ones in your heart just how much you love them and give them a few extra hugs tonight.

This life is the only one we get, make sure to live it the best way you can.


Mrs.Newton said...

Thoughts, prayers and hugs to the Hubs, The Littlefields and Little Mark's family (and to you!) today. Giving my husband, kid and dog an extra squeeze today. XOXO

Beth said...

Allison, I couldn't have said it better! Thanks so much for remembering Mark, and thanks so much for your courageous sharing of the "chronicles of crap!" Beth

landonsmama said...

WOW! I can't believe it's been that long. So sad to lose someone so young.