Friday, August 6, 2010

Say Ahhhhh

I had my upper endoscopy and pouch scope this morning. Nothing says Happy Anniversary Babe, like mild sedation and a camera down your throat;)

Although the scope showed nothing major, there was no Ah Ha moment, it did show inflammation, mild - moderate, from my esophagus straight through to my pouch. She took some biopsies and we wait for those to come back to see what next. There was also some mild fluid retention in my stomach, not sure what that means.

Next week I'll have the indium scan and then we'll regroup for the results. Until then, have a good weekend. I'll let you know if anything happens in the interim.

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Heather said...

Thinking of you! Congratulations on 5 years. The wedding was so beautiful just like you two!

Praying for good answers. Love, Heather McL