Friday, August 6, 2010


* A quick break from the M.ystery D.iagnosis episode we are living. Happy post of mushy love here I come -- don't say you weren't warned!*

First a quick reference: I'm obsessed with numbers, especially even numbers -- I like dates that are even, the volume on the T.V. or radio to be on an even number, etc. They make me feel more comfortable. But, I also love things that come in increments of 3 or 5. I always take 3 paper towels in a public restroom (I know not very green) and I like milestones in 5's. I'm weird and this is just another testament to that, I own my little bit of OCD and quirkiness -- don't judge me;)

As you might imagine, I like important dates that fall on even numbers -- the hubs and I, although both born in odd numbered months, both have birth dates that are even. So when we started planning on our wedding it was pretty important to me that the actual date be even (I was already happy because we were going to be married in 2005, which made my milestones in 5's thing.) I wasn't obsessed or anything and I don't think it's bad if something is on an odd day and I would have been ok if it didn't work out, but you know I wanted even!

So when we set the date of August 6, 2005 I was giddy, one because we had a date and I was very excited to marry Mr. Hubby Man and two because hello -- 8.6.05 = perfect day. Even month and date and I remember thinking I love that our 5th anniversary will be in 2010, even number and nice even increments of 5. CRAZY -- it's ok to judge me just a little bit.

And here we are at that first 5 year mark and I still love the date and everything that it represents. The day I married the perfect guy for me, a day that symbolizes our young dreams and a day that we made such important promises to each other.

It's still such a happy day, even when everything else seems to be crashing down around us. I love being married and everything that marriage stands for to me -- respect, honor, communication, laughter and love, lots of love. Is it always easy, No Way; does it take work, Absolutely; would I have it any other way, I can't even imagine not spending my life with the Hubs.

STOP reading here if you don't want the mushy, mushy....

So to My Dear Sweet Husband,

You are my rock, my light and my smile. You have brought new meaning to "In Sickness and Health..."

I'm thankful for the way you make me laugh all the time, the little things you do for me, the way you faithfully continue on without ever making me feel bad. I'm proud of what a hard worker you, and how very smart you are and what a kind man you are.

I think of you and get teary eyed and feel butterflies at how much I love you. I'm so glad we don't take ourselves too seriously. Neither of is perfect, but in our imperfection we fit together like a perfect puzzle.

I will never lose sight of the fact that we are an equal partnership in our triumphs and our struggles. We have both had to let go of so many of our dreams over the last years and I will NOT take advantage of the fact that my health struggle is your struggle too.

For all the trials we've had in the past 5 years, the comfort of knowing we will always find our way to each other has been immense. It seems like no time and then at the same time an eternity, and I like it that way.

Here's to making our way to the next increment of 5 and the ones after that -- lets just make sure to enjoy the great moments along way and hold tight when the boat hits a storm.

Love you to pieces. Love you Same.


It's you I like,
 It's not the things you wear.

It's not the way you do your hair,
 But it's you I like.

The way you are right now
, The way down deep inside you
, Not the things that hide you

Not your diplomas...
They're just beside you. 
But it's you I like, 
Every part of you,
Your skin, your eyes, your feelings,
Whether old or new.

I hope that you'll remember, 
Even when you're feeling blue,
That it's you I like,
 It's you yourself, it's you, it's you, it's you I like!

-- Mr Rogers

** And just in case you needed another reason to say, ahhh, I got a card in the mail everyday this week from the hubs (I get giddy over real mail.) I know it's so sweet it's sick and I HEART it, but I HEART him more!**

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Aim said...

I can't wait until you are all better for many various obvious reasons and as you know one of these (less obvious ones) is so we can really get you on Mystery Diagnosis. It will be so cool to have them zoom into the eyes of someone I actually know! :)

Loved the mushy and sweet Anniversary post- so sweet.

Also, I laughed out loud at the number obsession part... I'm so sad I didn't read this earlier as I would have loved to notice you taking 3 paper towels in the restroom!!!