Friday, August 13, 2010

N.uke Sandwich

Today I was the N.uke in a n.uclear scan sandwich, the bread being the two large metal scanning devices that were looking for a collection of white blood cells where they shouldn't be, which would indicate infection.

Yesterday I had my blood drawn and I was thinking it would be one or two vials. WRONG, it was an entire syringe full, I think 60cc! It didn't make me light headed, actually quite the opposite, I couldn't stop staring at it. That was the most blood I've ever seen drawn into one container at one time. I also didn't realize that I would have to leave and go back 3 hours later to be reinjected with my blood. WEIRD. Apparently what they do is remove just the white blood cells from the ridiculous amount of blood, inject those cells with the indium (nuclear material) and then stick that concoction back in me.

It didn't feel weird going in our anything, but the though of my own blood being put back in was just a bit creepy, I don't know why it just was.

The indium spent 18 or so hours working it's way through my system and thus the return this morning for the actual scan. It took about an hour and literally the two metal box scanners "sandwich" you. First it was one on top and the other directly under the table, then one on each side. It came slow close to my nose and then it slowly moves down adjusting to my body shape as it went to get as close as possible.

Technology is amazing! And every time I have some new weird test I think that. I'm also thankful I'm not claustrophobic .

No results for 3 business days, but I'm going to call on Monday to see if my GI's office can call and get them sooner.

So we wait again. I should be the master of the game Hurry Up and Wait, don't you think?

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Donna and Larry said...

Hang in there Allison. You will get your answers. We are thinking about you ALL THE TIME. - Donna & Larry