Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Munchkin Land

It's been way too long since I've posted about all the sweet munchkins in my life. These little kids brighten my days and fill my heart more than they will ever know. I HEART them so much and they amaze me every day and I'm so thankful for all the time I get to spend learning from them, loving them and having them love me back.

So just for giggles, I welcome you to my Munchkin Land with some of their cutest moments.

* My sweet J, he is my little buddy and I love spending days with him. Out of the blue a few weeks ago he would just come up to me put his head on my shoulder, look up at me with his piercing blue eyes and say, "I mish (miss) you Al." Give a big sigh and then kiss and squeeze me. He even says it to me on the phone, unprompted by his mom. Could you die?

* The fabulous A is very in to holding my hand or sitting in my lap when we see each other and I love it. I love how she likes to tell me stories or about what's going on with her. She even asked me to dance with her in her kitchen the other day, so we twirled and I swooned.

* The cutie K turned one a few weeks ago and started walking. She is too precious for words and I love watching her toddle all around. She gives the best tight hugs and blows the cutest kisses.

* Our niece Super G, is getting so big and quite beautiful I might say -- bright blue eyes, dark hair, cutest little lips. She's already two months old and I miss her soo much. I can't wait to kiss her sweet face next month. My brother is going to set up their Skype this weekend so I can see her in all her real time Superness, can't wait.

* We love reading books together, see below. (Me, A, Miss V -- A's baby sister -- and J.)
* J and I have the best conversations. When I told him I had an owie the doctor has to fix, he said, "Al why do you have that ouchie?" He was very serious and concerned about it. When I told him I had to go home, he asked if I was going home to see The Hubs (he said his real name of course) and Buddy (our cat). I could talk to this kid for hours.

* A told her mommy yesterday that when she grows up she wants to be like Aunt Al, because I look like a princess.

* When A knows it's me talking to her mom on the phone she always wants to say hi and ask how my owie is doing. Talking to A on the phone is the best.

* A loves to wear pretty dresses and accessories. She always looks so cute and is such a big girl now and gets herself dressed (Much to her mommy's shegrin sometimes.)

* The hubs and I got to have a sleep over with the cutie K and we had the best time. She is the happiest little girl, I mean seriously the sweetest soul. And the smile she had when she woke in the morning was awesome, like she was saying Hello World I'm So Excited for the Day.

* J and A both like to sit on my lap together while we sing songs at their pre-school type class.

* I love the nap time routine J and I have. We snuggle in his bed, read books, I tuck him in and he says "I love you Al."

* K Loves, I mean LOVES, our cat Buddy and it cracks me up how she squeals when she sees him.

* The other day, J was practicing his potty training and so we just hung in the house, him in his cool big boy undies. I tried to get him to sit on his little chair in case there was an accident, but he wanted to be in my lap lounging and I realized I really didn't care if he peed on me because snuggling with him makes all in the world right.

* Look how the Cutie K won the battle with her bday cake. YUM! Don't you want to bite those arms?!

They all keep me going when I'm so down. Of course they all have their moments, but those moments make me love them even more.

Thank you as always to their parents for sharing them with me. This past week, thinking of all the ways they cheer me up has brought me up from some very dark places.


Mrs.Newton said...

Our little munchkin K loves her Auntie Al! Can't wait to visit tomorrow night so she can give you some of her legendary hugs! XOXO

Sarah said...

How are you feeling today Al? How did it go? Thinking of you and looking forward to your update!

I love reading your little stories about your munchkins. I'm sure that it helps to pass the time as your wait for your little munchkin.