Monday, May 3, 2010


That's what he said anyway;) I mean Super Surgeon Dude.

After an agonizing night of pain and the tell-tale sign of a pus explosion iminent (it was slowly trying to trickle out of the little hole that it had to escape from), hubby and I had to make the trek back to SD this morning.

Not before a bit of a fight and emotional breakdown however. I pleaded with the nurse and then Super Surgeon Dude on the phone that if we were going to make the two-hour drive could they tell me if we were going to have some sort of resolution, that I did not want to come down for a poke around, five minute appt with the instructions to get on my merry way and just wait and see what happens. Although they both repeatedly told me they just couldn't make that call without seeing me, I think they got my desperation.

So with that info, I called the hubs at work, broke the news that we had to go and said I would drive in my hunched state to his office so he didn't have to back track to come get me and we could get there quicker. And we were on our way....

Super Surgeon Dude was coming in just for me, so we had to wait close to an hour once we got there. He took us back and apologized very emphathetically that this keeps happening and we had to drive down. He pushed on the area above the stoma is and out came the stream of pus. Halleluja, he was finally seeing this thing in it's full pussy form (Before this by the time we've been able to get down there, things have petered out.)

He moved me to the bigger room and began poking around and then proclaimed, "I SEE IT!" He called British surgeon dude in it and triumphantly showed him too. It was like they had found buried treasure. They also confirmed that the antibiotics were what must be causing my poo problems too.

What is "IT", well it is the fistula track leading to the abscess. He stuck his sharp metal stick in and could tell exactly what it was. So this Thursday I'm going in for another outpatient procedure, a fistulotomy (this link is about anal fistulas, but it's the same procedure just above my stoma.

Super Surgeon Dude will cut from my stoma about an inch up and who knows how deep to open the fistula up, he will then pack the wound and it will heal from the inside out. Hopefully, fingers crossed, knock wood, jump through a hoop backward, whatever it is that this will finally be the solution to getting rid of Mr. Abscess.

I'm glad he finally saw something and is doing something else about it. I'm so drained and super tired, it's been a long week. Just two more days and hopefully this pain will be on its way out. Breathe in, breathe out and drug up, that's my motto for the week:)


The Quick's said...

Good good luck on Thursday! I hope this gets rid of it once and for all and so happy they finally saw it. Hang in there. You are such a strong, wonderful women!

Sarah said...


I guess I can stop making the voodoo doll of your Dr.

I cannot wait until Thursday is OVER for deserve a strictly pain free weekend. Hope you are comfortable until then.


Al said...

Sarah you are cracking me up!!!!! Thank you.

Heather said...

Hope all went well today. We are still thinking fabulous healing thoughts for you. Heather and Jon