Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm alive! Sorry for no post yesterday, I was just too tired. But all went well.

My mom, being the awesome person she is, flew down from Nor Cal on Wed night to take me to my snurgical procedure as we like to call them around here. That way the hubs didn't have to miss more work and she could be here today to take care of "the patient" as well. I feel so blessed to have her as my mom.

We decided that since we had to be at the surgery center in SD so early, it would be best to drive down to La Jolla Wednesday night and stay at the T.ravelLodge -- very fine establishment;) I'm so glad we did though, we had a fun adventure getting down there and we got to sleep an extra two hours and did not have to deal with the stress of traffic or anything.

When we got to the center I was in so much pain I was walking well hobbling all hunched over. The people were so nice, and they said I must be very "special" because they hadn't seen Super Surgeon Dude in a long time and were excited he was there. Now that has to tell you he is the man.

I got all checked in, got in my classy gown, but more importantly got hooked up to my Bair Paws, ah how I love that system. I chatted with the nurses, met the anesthesologist and then Super Surgeon Dude came in. He explained to us that he would have to make what he called a "really ugly" wound, I'd have to scrub it everyday in the shower and leave it open but that it should heal nicely. I said it doesn't matter, make the Mark of Z.orro on there just get it out. What's one more scar on my belly, really? He chuckled and went on his way.

A few minutes later they walked me back, I kissed my mom and off we went. It was like deja vu, like I had just been there, oh wait, I had:)

I got up on the table, had some friendly banter with my nurse and anestesologist, they got me all toasty warm. Super Surgeon Dude came in and said he was happy to be there, we had a heart to heart.

He said he had never planned for his career to end the way it did (due to severe bone problems, he had to retire from major surgery at the end of 2009, remember I got in under the gun with him or knife if you will.) He said he fantasizes that one day he'll wake up pain free without having to take meds and be back in the OR. I wanted to jump off the table and hug him but seeing as how I was all tubed up that didn't happen. He then came around the table and just held my hand while I went off to dream land. How cute is he!!!!!

Then I woke up. And as I've mentioned before I have this weird thing that when I wake up from anesthesia I'm usually in unbearable pain, like the DON'T touch me kind of pain. I guess before I really even came too I was gripping the rail to the bed so much the nurse knew it was bad. It took them three or four IV doses and one shot to get things regulated. You've got to love my body right?

My mom came in and said she had talked to SSD, the abscess/fistula was apparently deeper and bigger than he had thought (I knew it, but who am I to be listened to about my own body,) so instead of the full open wound he originally talked about I have another drainage tube. It's about an inch lower than the one I had in March and definitely deeper. The would is then open from the tube about 1/2 inch to my stoma. Nothing major at all, looks a little narly but I know it will heal just fine.

You're probably wondering what in the heck did he do then in March if he's having all these Eureka moments now. The only thing I can figure is that he found a smaller one, because it wasn't in it's active eruption state when I went in for that surgery. Remember he didn't open me up, just went through the stoma, so maybe this time with a better view and more to look at and remove it was much more clear. Whatever it was, I don't care as long as it's gone now.

After a little more sleep and some juice I was ready to get up, get dressed and get out of there. My mom hobbled me to the car and off we went on our journey back up the coast.

Since then I've been resting, resting and resting in between pain meds and intubating my KPouch. I'm still in pain, so can't tell yet how things are, but I feel confident that he got it this time. The treasure or beast has been retrieved. Now I just need to give it time. There's where that patience thing comes in handy, gah! Oh well at least it's beautiful outside and I can sit in our backyard and get some of the sun's healing powers.

I'll have the drainage tube removed in two weeks.

Thanks for all your well wishes and thoughts, they truly help lift me up. Just when I think I may not have much fight left, something comes and pushes me along and I make it through, not unscathed but with more battle wounds to be proud of.

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Sarah said...

Hey Al - I'm so happy to hear from you.

It's never uncomplicated is it?
What's another scar if it means that you get your quality of life back. Gosh - I bet that you can't wait for that.

It all sounds incredibly promising and it seems like SSD is very humbled by you. He knows how tough you are and this has to be IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad that you have your support team with you and hoping that this weekend brings you some physical peace. Keep me posted.