Friday, January 22, 2010


You know you are seriously weird when you walk into a doctor's office you haven't been in for over two years -- but one you spent a LOT of time in prior to that -- and everyone in the office is so excited to see you and you are just as excited to see them.

Well come on we all know I am totally weird and yes the above happened to me today. Because we are finally on the PPO I am now able to see my original GI, the one who diagnosed my UC and was with me when all of this crap started rolling down hill and into my life. I HEART her and her entire staff.

Losing her as my GI was our first experience with just how ridiculous our HMO was. We found out during the month of March 2007 I spent in the hospital due to the FLARE of my UC that started this all, that she would no longer be covered. It was devastating, she was my champion, the one who was not going to let anything happen to me and I was scared. And so I fought, I was supposed to stop seeing her that June and I got it extended until the end of that year, right after my first surgery. But after that I had other things I needed to fight for.

And so here we are now, when we were filling out the paperwork to switch plans, I made sure this GI would be covered. Ahh, sweet relief.

When I walked in today it was so great to be greeted by familiar faces, who really knew me and were genuinely concerned for me. In a very strange way it was like coming home, so comforting. And again, that's weird, who has that kind of relationship with doctors, that would be me of course.

Long story long, I explained all that has happened in the last two years and they were just as shocked as everyone else. And although she isn't super familiar with k-pouches she will be now that she has me back in her life. And as usual, they jumped right on things. Due to my continued abscess symptoms some blood work was ordered and a CT scan will be scheduled in the next week or so. After all the results are in, I'll go back for an appt in 3 weeks to go over the plan of attack. I'm going to try charco tabs for the gas in the meantime per their suggestion.

So although I don't feel physically better yet and don't have an immediate answer, I really do feel mentally so much better. We'll get there, I'm confident of that, especially now that I'm back with my GI family where I belong. And on Monday I get to see my awesome PCP and I know he'll help too.

I'm fighting my way to get back on track and I can see it just out of my reach and I'll keep stretching to get there. But at least now I have some people pushing me forward.

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