Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pop Goes the Abscess!

Why yes it's true, my lovely little abscess filled back up and popped again this past Sunday (which happened to be the Hubs' bday -- Happy Birthday Honey!) The milky white pus came pouring out and is still going, after about a week of growing pain in the tell, tell area over my right hip. I KNEW it wasn't gone and wasn't going away just in a cycle of filling up, popping and pussing, petering out to sticky pus and then repeat, kind of like wash, rinse, repeat.

So we are heading down to see Super Surgeon Dude on Thursday morning. And we are demanding a plan to finally take care of this stupid thing. It's clearly not healing on it's own and less we remember my body doesn't do what is "typical" when it comes to healing! GRR.

I'm frustrated, tired and not feeling great. I'm SO over ready to be done with this roadblock in my total recovery.

That's the scoop for now, will update on Thursday.

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