Thursday, December 31, 2009

See Ya Wouldn't Want to be Ya 2009

It's finally here, the end of 2009 and I can't say I'm sad to see it go.

While filling out pages on our 2010 calendar, I had to look back for important dates in 2009 and I realized just how many days were filled with drs appointments, countless tests, phone calls about disability, hospital stays and infuriating chats with our lovely insurance. It reminded me of just how long and hard we fought and how many hoops we jumped through to finally get to where we are now and it made me tired but also SO proud.

After a very hard 2007, we decided that 2008 was going to be Great and when that didn't quite go as planned we thought that 2009 was going to be Divine. Well, I say we need to stop with the taglines for the year because they sure didn't come to fruition in the way we hoped they would!

However, 2009 wasn't totally a lost year and we were able to have lots of joy and laughter mixed in with our challenges. Here are just a few things we were blessed by:
  • The hubs turned the big 3-0 in January
  • Our god daughter, K, was born in April
  • We went on the most awesome vacation cruise in May
  • We found out in July we are going to be an aunt and uncle this coming March
  • We celebrated four awesome years of marriage in August
  • I finally won the insurance battle and got my K-pouch in October
  • We welcomed a new little munchkin, J's little sister, into our group of friends and I turned 30 in November
  • We celebrated a relaxing and joyful holiday just me and the hubs in December
It will be three years ago tomorrow since my health began the downward spiral that lead us to where we are now. But tomorrow also signals to me the climb back up from the darkness, for the first time in so long we can confidently believe we are moving forward.

We are excited to start this new decade with a fresh start and already have some exciting things to look forward to. We know that we still have plenty of hurdles to overcome and un-forseen challenges will most definitely meet us, but if we've learned anything these last years it's that we CAN do it and we WILL.

Here's a preview of the beginning of 2010:
  • Ringing in the New Year with great friends and yummy food
  • Heading back to the gym tomorrow, one lap on the treadmill here I come
  • The hubs bday, man he's getting O-L-D!
  • Another new little munchkin, A's little sister, will be here in just a few weeks
  • We have two different adoption orientations and hopefully a meeting with a lawyer in February
  • Our niece's grand arrival in early March
  • Who knows what the rest of the year will bring but it will be off to an Awesome start...
So lets raise our glasses to 2009, thanks for the laughs and the kicks in the gut, you can now kiss our butts. (Oh digestion jokes will never get old.) We are going to rock 2010's socks! (Does that count as a tagline, I'll go with no.)

Hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy New Year. Remember that even when things are dark to find and hold on tight to small bits of light to carry you through.

Lots of love from the Chronicles of Crap household.

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Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

Happy New Year: Good luck with the adoption orientations! That's VERY exciting!