Friday, December 25, 2009


Today we celebrate true miracles, the magic that is all around us and the unconditional love of this spirit-ful season.

Today was the first time in 11 years that the hubs and I have been able to wake up in our own home, snuggled in our own bed on Christmas morning. For the past 10 years we have trekked up to Nor Cal on Christmas Eve to spend the season with our families. On our way back to So Cal after Christmas last year, we decided that in 2009 we would stay home and enjoy our little family. We do terribly miss our families today, but we have also had a great time making new memories the last two days.

We had no idea last year when we made our decision to stay home that it would be even more important after all that 2009 brought our way. Spending amazing, happy, quality time just us. Enjoying lazy mornings, hot chocolate, last minute shopping, a lovely Christmas Eve mass, an amazing dinner out last night and stockings and a homemade breakfast spread this morning.

We have been focusing on the true meaning of the Christmas season, rather than the hussle and bussle that sometimes hovers at this time of year. We've spent time with the little munchkins in our life. They remind us of the pure magic of the holidays. The twinkle in their eyes, the untainted joy in their laughter and their pureness of heart is enough to make our cup runneth over!
Last night at dinner we even met a new little person who touched us in a way I'm sure we'll remember for a long time. As the hubs and I sat by the fire waiting for our table, a mother and her exuberant daughter came up and joined us. It seems that mom was trying to avoid a 3.5 year olds melt down at the dinner table and so was trying to distract her. What started out as a gesture to share the warmth of the fire, turned into a spirited 45 minute conversation with a little girl full of gusto and personality. She showed us her dance moves, told us about her 11 babies at home, reminded us that G*D is for everyone and that Santa could see
her no matter what she was doing and told us that she was hoping to get a stuffed cat and new markers this morning. I was enamored by her and really could have talked to her for much longer. The hubs and the mom, who was also about our age, also had a nice conversation discovering lots in common. We even found out on the sly from her mom that Santa was actually going to be bringing her a R-E-A-L kitten!!!!!

When it was time to part ways, I think all of us could feel that a real Christmas connection had been made and although we'll probably never cross paths again, I can assure you that we'll remember last night fondly. We're even wondering what she did when she found her new kittie this morning. It's things like this that get me all giddy inside. Magic I tell you.

So with that said, we are wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wonderful New Year. Love up on your family and friends, connect with a perfect stranger and stop to see and cherish the little pieces of magic that are most definitely there if you allow yourself to see it.

Mwah! Love!


Mrs.Newton said...

Such good advice! We so much enjoyed being a part of your family Christmas this year. Here's to an amazing 2010!!

Aim said...'s all about New Years now, Mc Tubes!!! Kidding of course. :) I really loved this entry and love you too!

Bucca or bust.

roberta said...

wow you are really glowing...such a lovely family photo of you and hubs. Just remember your victories are victories for all of us who have felt the pain of uc or Crohn's. Your light is our light, and your joy is our joy. Thanks for sharing your strength and determination for all of us to grab a little piece.