Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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I can not go into Thanksgiving without a very heartfelt and big thank you for all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts we've received over the last weeks as get well sentiments. The beautiful flowers, cards, visits, phone calls and texts have brightened my days and made me smile.

I would like to give a very special thank you to the amazing gift we received from the hubs' wonderful colleagues. Many of them have been following this blog and supporting the hubby without fail throughout this entire journey -- it's always amazed me and continues to do so. I love knowing that he has such an amazing group of people, at his work of all places, that love him like good friends do.

Last week they gave us the coolest gift -- a gift certificate for professional housecleaning service. Their reasoning, I have to sit here all day and they know I can't do the deep cleaning I'd like too. What they don't realize, or maybe they do, is that this gift is so big for hubby too since almost all of the household duties have fallen to him these last weeks, that, on top of working full time and taking care of me.

It is such a thoughtful gift and I was so blown away. It's just one of the many, many things I'm thankful for. Not the gift per say, although I'm SO excited about it, but the generosity of the people in our lives. Their outpouring of love and support in so many different ways to lift us up when we are down. We have love all around us and that's more than so many can say.

To the group at MNAO, thank you so much for taking care of the hubby the way you have. For listening to him or probably more like it -- because he doesn't talk about his feelings -- asking him how HE is doing and meaning it. For making him laugh and giving him an outlet away from all of this to the four leaf clover, thank you thank you thank you. It's never going to be enough. But just know it means so much to me knowing he's getting support too. So many people forget this journey has hit him just as hard as it's hit me, just in a different way.

And to all of you, friends and family in real life and those out there in cyber space, thank you for supporting us, praying for us and hoping with us.

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