Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a K-pouch Life

Don't have much new to report. It's kind of a blue day for me, these times sneak up on me but I know it's ok to have them. I wouldn't be human if I wasn't emotional, or at least I wouldn't be me;)

Still pussing it up from the stoma. I finish the antibiotic for this tomorrow. Emailed with super surgeon dude yesterday and he said there was nothing else to do about it right now, but that he does want to see me next week instead of the regularly scheduled appt for three weeks from now...fun times. Poor hubby man, this is hard on his schedule, but at least I should be able to drive myself around soon.

As far as KP and the k-pouch goes it's working just swimmingly, I've got quite the efficient system for emptying, and I'm so happy about that. Now just need to make it through the next weeks so I can really enjoy life. I am getting a little tired of emptying it so often and will be so glad in a few weeks when we finally make it to 6 hours in between. I think my sleep pattern will be thankful for that too. No stretching pain yet, but I believe that may start happening when we hit the four hour mark (which is this Thursday.) I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but right now as we are in the trenches it gets a little tough at times. And trying to anticipate what's going to happen so I can work on dealing with it sometimes is overwhelming.

The pain is more manageable, just need to get the hip and back pain under control -- it's still sensitive to the touch. We still don't know if that's from the abscess or possible shingles. Only time will tell, but at least it's definitely more manageable than it was. Just wish it would go away all together, enough is enough.

All things considered, the bumps and all, here are a few things I'm looking forward to in regards to my new found plumbing and recovery in the coming weeks.
  • Getting my driving privileges back
  • Increasing the time between intubation so I can get out of the house a little more
  • Getting rid of this puss and pain
  • Sleeping for longer stretches through the night, I'm seriously like a baby
  • Introducing some of my fav foods back into my diet
  • Being able to walk out in public without holding my butt (My cute little bum is doing so well, it's no longer raw. It's truly amazing and the wound never hurt, this is something to be so thankful for and I REALLY am.)
That's it for now. Not looking for any sympathy or anything just trying to document this whole lovely process. Hope you all are getting ready for a fabulous Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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