Friday, September 25, 2009


(From Left: The hubs, K, me, J and C -- K's parents)

We interrupt this regularly scheduled medical crap blog for something fun and special.

This past weekend on a lovely, sunny Southern California day, the cutie K was baptized and our role as godparents officially became official. It really was a perfect day, the ceremony was short but sweet, the party was beachy, casual and relaxing and the star of the show, K, was a little angel.

The hubs and I feel both honored and blessed to be holding such a special and important role in K's life. As I've mentioned before, we both have godparents who set great examples for us and always made things fun. We can't wait to watch her grow, take her on adventures, spoil her and give her back to her parents and hopefully make a positive impact on her life.

K and I have had a special thing we do with each other since she was just weeks old -- it has been dubbed "eye bonding." For reasons that can't be understood -- maybe she's just trying to figure out who this crazy lady fawning over her wants -- K has stared intently into my eyes. We can spend minutes this way just gazing at each other. Sometimes we are talking to each other and sometimes we are just "eye" loving each other. As I said for K this may be more of whoa your a weirdo thing and less of a love thing, but I'd like to think otherwise. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't LOVE that we have this thing that for the most part seems to be just ours.

K truly has one of the sweetest dispositions of any baby. She is for the most part just happy to be around, smiling, giggling and cooing. Of course she has her moments, she's human for goodness sake, but her parents really lucked out with this sweet, sensitive soul.

So to K, we promise to always be available to you in whatever capacity you need us. We love you and are so excited for all the wonderful things this world has to offer you.

To J and C, thank you for letting us be a part of this special little lady's world!


Mrs.Newton said...

Thank YOU guys for agreeing to be such a special part of K's life. We love you to death...and she does to!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

She is so beautiful! How neat that you guys are Godparents. Love it :)