Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still Patiently Waiting

We still have no real answers or confirmation, but here's the latest. I spoke to our Care Advocate again this morning. She let me know that they weren't actually able to switch me to the other medical network (I'm not sure the firm reason for this, something about geographical region.) So what's happening now is that the Medical Director at Cigna is in contact with the Medical Director from my current and original network. She has re-presented my case to the network Med Director and has asked that he reverse the original denial of the out-of-network request.

The Cigna Med Director thinks I still have a network adequacy issue on my side as was very pleased with all the records I kept and the records they had received in a timely manner from my doctors.

As of this afternoon, the Care Advocate hadn't heard anything further. She said earlier in the day that the Cigna Med Director had emailed her and said she hadn't heard anything back yet from the Network Med Director and her opinion that was a good thing because he didn't deny it before reviewing.

There is no new time frame on when we will hear something. So we continue to wait. Trying to stay cautiously optimistic. You'll know when I know something, until then...

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