Friday, March 13, 2009

Woo Hoo, They're Two

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting the next adventures of J and A, and here it is. Well the title says it all (a bit of plagerism from their joint bday party invitation, but I couldn't resist because it ryhmes and has my favorite expression of excitement!) Both J and A celebrated their second birthdays earlier this month. And two sure brings lots of laughter and lots of craziness. 

Their little personalities continue to develop every day and I swear they change so much each week. I still find it so fascinating to watch them discover new things, find their voices and work through their frustrations. 

A is surely the hostess with the mostest. At their bday party, she talked to each guest and showed them all around the pizza parlor and game room. I loved it and she just makes me giggle. She tells the best stories with so much excitement and she's already a little star in the making. She loves to sing songs and dance all around. She even sings on cue while her mom videos, she could totally be a YouTube sensation! I can't wait for her to be in dance class, she's going to be the cutest at her first recital. Her expressive and oh-so cute face is just too much for words and I love to hear what new adventures she embarks on everyday. That little girl is something else. 

And J, oh that boy is seriously the cutest boy in the world! I can't resist his big blue eyes or his sweet smile, he's delicious. And he is talking more and more all the time. His mommy and daddy are teaching him such good manners and he says "pease" and "tank you." But the best thing he says is "I wuv you!" And oh my goodness, I could just cry every time I hear him say it, especially when he says it to me. He is a very sensitive boy and loves to cuddle, which I LOVE. There is nothing better than him turning around in music class to make sure I'm still watching him and having him then run with his big belly laugh and jump into my arms. I mean come on, even the most uptight person would be putty if that happened to them, so imagine me...

And even after I accidentally bit his finger at his birthday party (he was trying to feed me and I didn't see his pudgy little pinky. Um, yikes, I felt horrible, I couldn't believe I inflicted any harm on the munchkin) he bounced back after a little bit and still found me amusing and cracked up as he chased me around a pillar. 

These two are seriously the best mental medicine. Spending time with them, even when they are being a little nutty, is the best escape I have during this very trying time. They are seriously one of the main reason I can stay positive. When they both want to sit on my lap, there is absolutely nothing that warms my heart more. I say it all the time, but I'm so blessed that their moms and dads have allowed me to share such a special time with them. 

Their lives remind me that although two years ago my life path changed forever when I entered the hospital and I often wonder why, it also changed forever for the better because they came into this world. So Woo Hoo for that.
* This pic is of me and J on A's new electric quad she got for her bday. It's the coolest thing ever and awesome because I can sit and still have fun as you can see by that ridiculously unattractive face I'm making. I might need one for myself, just saying.*

Tune back in tomorrow for an update on all my health stuff, a lot of talk with no real news, but still worth reporting in case you are all wondering what in the heck has been going on in the Chronicles of Crap household. 

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Aim said...

I think you look so cute in that quad pic! Thanks again for loving and appreciating my child so always moves me. What a privilege it is for us (me A and J) to get to spend so much quality time with you!