Thursday, March 19, 2009

So Many Words, So Little To Say

Although I have no real information or official steps forward to report, here is what's transpired over the last week and a half.

1. I finally heard back from Social Security regarding my claim. And of course it was DENIED. The letter even stated that after their review of all my records, etc. they deemed that I can stand or walk for 6 hours in a normal 8 hour day and that I could also sit for 6 hours in a normal 8 hour day. So glad they actually came to witness me doing these amazing feats... And although I know that most claims get denied on the first attempt and that's what the appeals process is for, (the attorney's office I am working with -- they were assigned to me by my long term disability -- is already working on the appeal) I had just hoped that this would be the time that things would go smoothly with no more work for me. Oh but that's not to be. I have a conference call to review the appeal on April 2.

2. I stopped taking the Cipro on Monday. Although the cramping wasn't as bad on this one, I still had the bad nausea and then I again started with the numbness and tingling. I have not called the dr to let them know of my decision, at this point my body needs a break from the antibiotics. They have wreaked even more havoc on my body over the last month and I can't take it anymore. I'll call them next week to discuss.

3. I called spazzy medical assistant man yesterday to follow up on the referral approvals for the consult with the surgeon, exam under anesthesia and anal ultrasound. The call started out so great when he told me, "Oh those approvals came through end of last week." Really thanks for letting me know when I called you. And it just got better from there. After a bit of confusion and discussion he realized that he accidentally submitted the referral for the anal ultrasound incorrectly and that he'd have to resubmit which will take at least another five business days. And then he put me on hold to call the surgeon's office to see about at least making the other two appointments. When he got back on he informed me that although my insurance had already approved the appointments, that the surgeon's office has a policy of having to set up contracts with new insurance themselves and that they would have to work directly with the insurance and that will also take at least another five days. He made it sound like it may or may not get worked out with the surgeon's office even though my insurance had already approved it. If the surgeon's office doesn't get the contract they demand, then no go. But again, I don't know the likelihood of this and now I have another medical assistant at the surgeon's office to work with, another person who knows nothing about me and will most likely not understand the urgency here. URGH! So where are we in the process after yesterday's conversation, absolutely no where. Yippee. Another week gone.

So right now we are still at the same scheduled appts, April 7 -- fecal defocrgaphy and April 9 -- hydrogen breath test and follow up with Sphincter Man. So no worse than before but no better either.

But even though the health stuff is "crappy", I still smile. I mean look at those beautiful flowers in the pic (ok I'm not a great photographer, but you get it.) They are from my fabulous hubby. He left them with a card before he went on his business trip this week, just because. I'm one lucky girl! 

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