Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'll tell you who's awesome, the medical assistant at the surgeon's office, that's who! She's a breath of fresh air, a reassurance that there really are people out there in this field who are on top of things, good at their jobs and friendly too. Oh how she made my day.

I called the surgeon's office today (after the information I received last week that they would have to handle the approvals with my insurance on the consultation and anal exam under anesthesia) to follow up on the status of things. She knew who I was when I called, had my files on her desk and was so polite. She did inform me that someone (probably spazzy med assistant at Sphincter Man's office) accidentally had sent my authorization requests with my name listed as my real first name and the surgeon's last name. Lovely. But it didn't matter because she had caught it and had it all worked out. She said all was clear to make the consultation appt with the surgeon, so I did just that and amazingly, they had an appt for next Thursday, April 2! Woo Hoo. After this appt, I'll be able to schedule the other exam as well. So we have taken a another small step forward and I feel like that's a pretty good victory for today. Coincidentally, it has been a year today since my reversal surgery (before that surgery I was assured that within a year I would be living and loving life), so I'm glad we got some good news today.

I also spoke to spazzy med assistant about the anal ultrasound, which he incorrectly submitted and had to resubmit last week. Well of course the approval was again on his desk and he didn't call, but when he actually looked at it closer he realized that the insurance had just sent the same auth for the wrong test again. He was all confused and didn't really know how to explain this. I asked him to call the insurance today and get back to me ASAP. So we are still working on that one.

That's all the news there is for now! It's the little things that still get me smiling and I'm thankful for that.

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Mrs.Newton said...

Congrats on the victory! Great "anniversary" gift. :) I'm so glad to hear things are moving one more step forward. You deserve it. YOU'RE AMAZING! Love you!