Monday, March 9, 2009

Next Please

As of this weekend, I have now moved on to my fourth try at an antibiotic -- Cipro (yes I've tried this one on and off for other things.) Seems the side effects I was having were not the type you should just "push" through. This time we are trying a lower dose, 250mg/tabs rather than 500mg. The hope is that considering my height/weight ratio, the lower dose will be better suited to me and hopefully not be so mean to me. 

While I was talking to the nurse about the antibiotic, she mentioned that in my chart Sphincter Man had noted that he wanted to move forward with an appt with the surgeon, an exam under anesthesia -- very mysterious I know -- and an anal ultrasound (oh yeah for me, another look around in there.) Anyway, after a lot of confusion and trying to sort all things out, the nurse recommended I call spazzy medical assistant. 

So, I did that this morning and it turns out that amazingly he actually knew exactly what I was talking about and was waiting on one more answer, but already had all the paper work ready to send to my insurance for all the above referrals. And it gets better, he was going to submit them today! Hooray, spazzy guy was actually on it. He gets the gold star for the day. Now we wait for the insurance, so looks like early next week would be the earliest we'll know anything.

That's the update for now, still hoping and wishing for the meds to work and relieve some of the other issues. Keep your fingers crossed we don't have to switch again, Walgreens is starting to recognize me when I pull up for my prescriptions (I have a drive through pharmacy, how cool is that and so good for the poo-challenged.) 

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