Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weird but True

As you may or may not know, since this lovely adventure of my health issues began just about two years ago,  I have not been able to work due to my extreme pain, incontinence, fatigue and overall malice. At this point there is no way that I could hold down a non-flexible job not even part time. I've been on state disability, then transferred to long-term disability and am now in the process of filing for Social Security benefits.

In terms of applying for Social Security as you can imagine there are a bizillion forms to fill out, they warn you that most times people don't get approved on the first time, etc, etc. Well they had these two mandated appts for me to go to -- one with an internist, I guess to make sure I wasn't making up all that I'd explained on the forms and two a mental evaluation.

Last week I went to the internist appt, the place was a bit sketchy but overall I think things went as well as can be expected. They don't tell you anything they are writing down or what it means. They just have to report to SS. So this morning I went for the mental portion. (As an aside, I'm already full of anxiety due to the way my body has been behaving the last few days and because of the impending appt with Sphincter man this afternoon.) 

Anyway, the waiting room was full of people from all walks of life, it wasn't super clean and they had some trouble finding my paperwork -- anxiety level rising... The dr finally calls my name and here's where the really weird but true comes in. He calls my name then basically closes the door before I get to it, I push it open and the guy is already in his office, I sit down he doesn't close the door and just starts mumbling all of these random questions to me. He doesn't make eye contact, his questions are not clear, I answer to the best of my knowledge then he asks me the same question again. I'm looking at him with the most confused look. He asks me why I can't work, I tell him. Asks me what today's date is, to spell the word World forward and backward and then says "ok I guess we are done." I kind of stumble and say oh, ok and get up and walk out. Bottom line, I think my mental evaluation was done by someone with his own mental issues. Weird, Right?

Now I guess we just wait and see what happens. I have no idea when I'll hear anything. But I'm not feeling that confident about these two appts SS set up for me. At least they are done, and I've completed my portion so far.

In just a little bit, the hubby and I will be leaving for the Sphincter appt. I'm extremely nervous and anxious about the outcome. I'll update when I get home. Pray that he really is Super Sphincter Dude!


Carol said...
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J@yeJ said...

Al, I know you are like me and analyze everything...just let it go and you never know the 2 internist appts might work out in your favor...you never know what they are thinking! I will check back to see how your appt this afternoon went..Thinking of you and sending happy thoughts!