Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Testing, Testing

So here's the down and dirty from today's appointment with the Super Sphincter Dude (and he really was super.) Basically as we thought there are more tests that need to be done to test the strength and tone of my little lazy sphincter. 

The doctor was extremely nice, spent a long time with us, and never once made me feel like I was over exaggerating any of the things I was telling him. He agreed that my quality of life sucks and we can't continue on like this. 

So what does that all translate to, well...more tests. An analrectal manometry, a fecal defecography and a lactulose hydrogen breath test (click on the words for more details about the tests.) Basically all of these things will try to diagnose what exactly is the problem in there and then I will most likely be referred to a colo-rectal surgeon for some kind of sphincter replacement or repair. We did not go into detail as to what that would entail, the dr really wanted to focus on the steps before that.

He said that my referring doctor at the the IBD center would really orchestrate once we get to the point of the potential surgery. The dr did seem confident that we could get this in a better working order and to get my life back, so that was good.

I also need to keep figuring out how to "bulk" up my stool, although again due to how everything has been going and what I've been experiencing, he doesn't think that will really help the incontinence. 

Next, we begin the process of insurance approval for all of the above. As we know that could take a couple of weeks. This time we are trying a new system where the team at Cedars coordinates directly with my insurance, we'll see how they take that. Hopefully well because that's one less hassle for me. 

So all in all a very good step forward. Is it disappointing that nothing feels better today, absolutely! Did we expect things to get fixed today, no. Is it scary to be facing surgery again, yes! Will I do whatever to fix it no matter what, of course! 

These last few days have been very trying as my body continues to give out and fight me every step of the way and that is taking a huge toll on me emotionally. But I still whole heartedly believe we are getting there, it's just not fast enough when every minute is consumed with this, I can't get away from it. 

Now we wait for the approvals on the above and see what happens at my appointment on February 11 to address my other IBD issues. 


Bad Brad said...

Funny, Fecal Defecography is a name we considered for a New Wave band I fronted back in the day. Kidding aside, I hope the Super Sphincter Guy comes through.

Spanky Manky said...

Well, I can't be as funny as Brad. But I am interested in what foods are best for you. I can drop something off as I know how much you hate the grocery store.