Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too Close for Comfort...

As many of you may know, the hubby works in marketing for an auto manufacturer. It is not one of the big three, but all of the companies are taking a big hit from the giant landslide the economy is racing down.

Rumblings around the hubby's company about reorganizations and layoffs in all departments have been going on for weeks now. Well today was the day the sweep hit the marketing department.

The hubby's morning started with a global marketing meeting at 8:30 am in which they were all informed that due to the economy, layoffs and restructuring would be happening today. Each person was then called in one by one for their piece of the crap pie. How nerve wracking to have to sit at your desk and wait for that call.

For the hubby the news was that he still HAS a job, just a new position within the department. Thank God and whoever else for this.

But for others, they are all one by one packing up their things and heading off into the unknown for themselves and their families.

We are so thankful that the hubby was spared during this round of layoffs. For anyone a layoff is devestating, especially during these horrible economic times. But for us, it would have also meant that we would be in limbo with our health insurance (we would have Cobra and hopefully he would find a new job before it ran out) as well as our financial state. As I mentioned before, I am applying for Social Security benefits and hoping that will come through before my long term disability runs out. But as we live in CA, we know that the budget is in dire straights and we can't be too sure if things like COBRA or Social Security won't be put on hold either. So as you can see, we are teetering on a very delicate and uncertain balance beam with all of this.

The thought that our insurance could be affected by all of this, is what scares the hubby and I the most. Today's events were just a little too close for comfort in our already anxiety filled household. But again, thankfully, at least for now we are safe. We know that so many people are facing unimaginable challenges.

Although not his ideal job, this new position for the hubby is still in marketing and will give him the opportunity to grow and learn new things. There will be no raises or bonuses this year, but just to have a job is A LOT to be thankful for.

I appreciate so much the burdens the hubby has on him to keep our little family safe and taken care of. I know it's a lot, especially to add in all of my health woes. I know he was scared about what today would bring, but he took it all in stride and was so strong about it all. And I know it must be so hard for him to watch his friends and colleagues walk out of the office today, with feelings of relief that it's not him but sadness for what these people now face.

So to all of you having to search for jobs in this uncertain time, we commend you and are praying that things work out soon. And to those of you with secure or somewhat secure jobs, be thankful for what you have even if at times it seems that it's not your ideal position. Please keep the hubby in your thoughts too as he starts his transition into his new job tomorrow. We are hopeful that there won't have to be another round of layoffs in his department again.


Aim said...

Geez Al! How freaky for you guys! So glad he and your insurance plan made it through the layoffs. I'm sure it has been a very emotionally draining day for you two! Love you both!

Spanky Manky said...

Omigod. Just today? I am glad it all worked out!!

Jen Hodson said...

Glad it all worked out and I will keep my fingers crossed for ya! Love ya lots!

Joyce said...

I am glad it all worked out for him! Its scary out there and I am very thankful I have a job myself!
I'm sure he will do great in his new position!

Mrs.Newton said...

That is so scary! Thank god someone is watching over you guys! We'll keep praying that his job remains secure and that his company keeps remembering how valuable he is!!! XOXO