Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Face of 30

I couldn't go on without noting the milestone that occurred in the Chronicles of Crap household yesterday...the hubby turned the big 3-0. I know what you're thinking, not that young, cute thang, but alas it's true, and 30 never looked so good! 

He says he feels older, I say he's just so much wiser;)

We had a good day, starting off the morning at our favorite local breakfast diner, which just happens to be named "Chuck's Coffee Shop", played a little golf with his buddies and then back for us all to enjoy the goodness of PF Changs and the great company of our good friends. (Thank you guys for the picture collage for the ice cream cake -- see above, it was a perfect touch and so thoughtful!)

And for my role in making sure that the hubby had the most special birthday, I've been planning a HUGE surprise since last summer. The plan has evolved of course and my issues put a few wrenches in the plan, but I came up with something I knew he would love and would blow him away. It's been killing me to keep this secret from him (I'm not good at surprises or lies) and I was dying to tell him that...wait for it...ok are you ready...We are going on a 9-day Eastern Caribbean Cruise that sails from Manhattan Harbor at the end of May! 

And his reaction did not disappoint, he was stunned and so excited that something so big had been planned just for him. 

All around this trip is so exciting for us, we will be back in New York exactly five years after we got engaged on top of the Empire State Building (I know he's amazing); going on a cruise will allow a lot of flexibility for my unstable health situation, everything is controlled -- food, activities, everything can be monitored and tailored to my needs and we can still have fun (although I plan on feeling much better by then, I mean it's four months away) -- it will hopefully be a great memory for the hubby's big 3-0; a celebration of all that we've been through over the last two years and a preparation for some journeys we know we have ahead.

So to my awesome 30-year old man, I hope you had the best birthday and your celebration will continue in late May. You deserve a big, relaxing vacation and I'm so happy I get to share it with just you. I love you to pieces. Happy Birthday!


Natalia Ritchie said...

Happy Birthday!! I too will be facing the big 3-0 this year!!
Wishing your hubby many many more...

todd storch said...

Wow that is so cool! Can you give some hints like that to Amy? :-D