Thursday, January 8, 2009

Schedules and Randomness

I just heard from my new favorite person, Nidia (the assistant at my fav drs office at Cedars). She was able to get my motility specialist/sphincter guy appointment moved up to January 27 and because she got me in sooner I was able to schedule my follow up appt with her office for February 11. Good news all around, it moved things up two weeks, would have liked it sooner but I'll take what I can get. I really appreciate all she's doing to get me in quick and get me on the path to feeling well.

Now for some random thoughts/things from yesterday's adventure:
1. Driving when it's dark in the morning is weirdly eery. Why it's different from driving at night, I don't know, but it just is.

2. There are A LOT more people on the road at 5:30 a.m. then I thought. It wasn't enough to make it stop and go but we did break a few times and I just couldn't believe it. Poor people. 

3. After researching nail salons within a two mile radius of the hospital that had a good review for cleanliness, I found a really cute place. It was clean (I have high standards for clean in the nail place) and the people were really nice. But there massage chairs were the ones with the intense kneading, ladies you know what I mean. This normally isn't a problem so I just sat there and enjoyed with my big monitor strapped to me. Well later last night I realized I had a big bruise on my back, couldn't figure it out. A few hours later, it dawned on me...the massagey chair!! Live and learn I guess.

4. I went to the movies to fill my remaining time yesterday, the only thing playing that fit my time frame was Madagascar 2, not my first choice because I didn't see the first one and that's not really my kind of movie, but it turned out to be cute and the perfect thing to keep me occupied. So, couple things happened here, first I was really unimpressed with the movie theatre at the Beverly Center -- I expected much more -- the theatre this movie was playing in maybe had 30 seats and was very tiny. At first I was the only one in the theatre. Then a man with his tween daughters came in. I immediately recognized him as a comedian from TV usually plays the side kick type, but I could not place him and I didn't want to keep staring or worse take a pic to send to the Hubby (side note, the hubby has this weird photographic memory and can remember immediately when he sees someone where he's seen them before.) So I was just chatting with them and then one of those movie trivia things came up with a pic of Ellen Degeneres, the guy then tells his daughters that he once took Ellen on a date (which then confirmed that he was somebody), but once he said this the older daughter leaned forward and whispered "But I thought she was a lesbian." Anyway, I think the guy was this man...Jeffrey Tambor, but I'm not 100%.
5. Lastly, I'm so anxious to see sphincter man. Yesterday's clear liquid diet made my rectal incontinence issues inescapable. Nothing would stay in, even when I was sitting. I know I have to wait until the 27th, but yesterday just reiterated that I'm not crazy, I'm not making this up and it's not normal or ok. Most people that have only clear liquids may have to pee a lot but that's it, I'm pretty sure they don't have watery stuff pouring out of the other location with no ability to control it. This has to stop ASAP. 

That's it for now.


Mrs.Newton said...

Well, at least you got a good celebrity sighting and nice toes out of this experience...and hopefully some answers soon!

Peggy said...

Had my overdue Colonoscopy last week. Suffice to say as the old song goes "You were on my mind" I am in awe of your ability to keep moving forward, or up and down off the toilet as the case may be, and to keep us smiling as you do. Oh and you truly have given the phrase "multi-tasking" new meaning. Movies and nails during medical procedures...pretty impressive! Sending Love Every Day.

Spanky Manky said...

Planning other activities around such a big day--I love that about you, what a tropper. And maybe you would have seen me up at 5:30 am too, haha.

todd storch said...

Surprised that so many people are going to work at 5:30 am - Too cute! Who am I to talk, I work from home full time but my dad has to leave for work in the 4 or 5 o'clock hour ever since I can remember.

Madagascar 2 - This was the first movie that Cohen saw in the theater! :-) Next time you visit we'll play the first one for ya, lol.