Monday, December 22, 2008


It has been a challenging few days here in the Chronicles of Crap household and in addition to that just planning for our holiday travel always adds a bit of stress both physically and emotionally to my already fragile body. But in the midst of all of that, I received one of the kindest, most touching emails from a very dear family friend that reminded me that just when you start to lose faith, someone you love is out there to pick you up and help you through the next leg of this journey.

This family friend, Rickster, has literally known me from the day I was born. He has been a friend of my parents since their college days (a LONG time ago) and he even stood up a date on my birth date to be there with my parents when I entered this glorious world. Needless to say, the Rickster and I have had quite a bond since then:) 

The Rickster and I are quite a like in many ways and I can always count on his words to be real, heartfelt and meant with the most compassionate and loving spirit. Well he really reiterated all of those points with the very thoughtful letter he sent me yesterday. I won't share the details as those are private and close to my heart, but he reminded me of just how strong I am and he told me he was proud of me -- there really are few words that can express what this means to me. It's because of people like the Rickster in my life that I'm able to continue you on with humor and strength and I thank my lucky stars everyday for the unbelievable support I have. 

So to the Rickster, thank you for reaching out to me at the perfect time and reminding me of your love. I also felt the love and support of my dad through your words and that added bonus just melts me.

I wish you all a happy holiday season. Remember to reach out and hug those that you love so tightly, you may just make their day!


Mom said...

Alice, I love that the "Rickster" picked you up when you are down. As for those in your life who make it difficult, it is a sad thing that they cannot appreciate the gift of you. I love you and your brother with all my heart, and I have come to love Charles and Sunny as if they are my own. You go girl and remember just how special you are.

todd storch said...

this message gave me chills and put a knot in my throat. Yay for the Rickster, I'm glad you have a multitude of people supporting you.