Monday, December 1, 2008

Test 2: MRI of the Pelvis -- Check

I had the second of the three scheduled diagnostic tests this afternoon. It was an easy MRI of the pelvis, the results will be faxed to my dr in the next day or so and we will get the results at my follow up appointment (date for this still TBD.)

For those of you who haven't had an MRI, you are slid into a small tunnel like machine (it's open on both ends and they blow air on you so you don't have anxiety issues -- however I wonder every time how they fit bigger guys in that little tiny tunnel). While the images are being taken you hear a series of noises that sound like a combo of a test of the emergency broadcast system and a hawaiian/tahitian drummer. The test took about an hour, they did the first half hour, then brought me out to give me an injection of contrast to do the rest of the imaging. 

So all in all, easy test just as planned. I've been feeling really crummy the past few days so I'll be happy to get my follow up appt scheduled so we can move forward with some plans to getting me feeling better. Next test is this Wednesday. 

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