Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mental Medicine and Update

Quick update, Cedars Sinai called about a half hour ago and were able to move my pouchogram scheduled for this afternoon at 1 p.m. up to 10 a.m. that works out perfect because now the hubby can take me and it will be over soon. 

And a quick tidbit, yesterday did not have me at any drs office or testing facility but it did provide me with a good dose of mental medicine that is just as much needed here in the Chronicles of Crap household as the physical doses.

Each week, I have the privilege of spending time with the two cutest kids in the world. The Dynamic Duo of J and A -- 21-months old, one boy, one girl, born a week apart to awesome parents -- help me in ways they'll never know. There unguarded laughter, unlimited snuggles, curious imaginations and literally just their over all beings fill me up to the brim with contentedness. I'm so thankful that their moms allow me to be a part of their youth and that this part of my alternative healing process is available to me. Although they can wear me out physically, it's worth it for what I receive in return. Yesterday was one of those days and I really needed the pick-me-up.

I was also able to spend some time with an amazing young woman who is also traveling her own windy journey with IBD. We were connected through a mutual friend and although we'd met before, the bond we have now, I think, has been heaven sent for both of us. Having someone around my age to talk to candidly about the ins and outs that only someone going through this would know, is a true gift and I'm so thankful for her. I wouldn't wish this on anyone but since we have to do it, it's nice to have someone who can truly empathize. She has an appt at Cedars today to hopefully get moving down her path to wellness, please keep her in your thoughts too. 

So I'm off now for today's violation, um I mean diagnostic test -- the pouchogram! 


Aim said...

The dynamic duo are the cutest things ever, I must agree! I'm so touched by how much you love and appreciate them. Thank you so much for that and for being such a positive influence on their lives and ours as well! Yes, they can be good mental medicine but that "A" one is my personal "pain in the ass" sometimes! :-)

melissa said...

I have to second the thought about the dynamic duo. The J in the dynamic duo is the luckiest little boy in the world to have you. You undivided attention and unconditional love is making him into the boy I only hoped he would become. Tears come to my eyes as I reflect on these past months. You will never know how much easier you have made my life and I will never be able to repay the debt of gratitude I have. Thank you for being there for him and taking him through these critical stages in his life.

Mom said...

Al, you continue to amaze me. I know how difficlt life is for you and that you are living not one day at a time, but more one moment at a time. I wish Dad were here to help you...he was so good at this stuff. Especially when it came to his girl. He loved you so much. But as we both know life sometimes isn't what we expect of it...I'm here for you sweetie, any time, any place